... ability to follow one's own advice.


A freeroll is a promise to donate money if you fail to complete a goal. For example: Alice promises to donate $10 if she fails to call her grandfather every day this week.

But, why would Alice make a freeroll?

It is a sign of goodwill AND (this is the cool part) Alice gains an incentive to act the way she currently thinks best throughout the entire next week.

On Alice can promise a freeroll of any size to charity. She could also promise freerolls to friends or adversaries to gain more motivation to help achieve her goal and follow her own advice. is a system of trustable programmable promises combined with a digital currency, all run on the Ethereum blockchain.

I hope this system makes it easy for you to create and view freerolls that are fun, secure, and useful. does not collect any fees. It was created because I like the saying “On one level, wisdom is nothing more profound than an ability to follow one’s own advice”, and I believe freerolls are a great tool to help us cultivate that ability.

How It Works


You need a MetaMask wallet with a balance of Ether. It is relatively easy to set up, but please contact us if you need any help.

Step 1

Create your freeroll by entering the details of your promise - a goal, a deadline, and a who you are promising.

Step 2

Attach Ether to your promise and submit it to the blockchain.

Step 3

Claim Victory - saying that you achieved your goal - before your freeroll's deadline and have your Ether returned to you. Otherwise it will be donated.

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